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Find healthy outlets affirmations, gentle yoga for channeling frustration and book those overdue bodywork appointments.

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Monitor your tendency to micromanage and nitpick your mate, and steer clear of those fixer-upper types who always want advice but never have much to give in return. Watch your temper. Venus in your hotheaded and hot-blooded sector until October 31 makes you a loose cannon ready to fire. An ex-flame could contact you; proceed with caution to avoid messy entanglements. Issues with a female—perhaps some mama drama or sibling rivalry—could flare.

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Double down on the self-care and affirming mantras, as your moods could swing wildly. Choose your battles—and your words—to avoid burning bridges. Avoid borrowing and loaning funds or property with friends or lovers. Thinking about splurging on a luxury item for your home or wardrobe?

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Shop around and definitely sleep on it! Tension could flare with coworkers or a client.

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From October 31 on, a swoonworthy but questionably trustworthy type could sweep you to la-la land as Venus visits your fantasy house. Slow down to avoid finding out the hard way. Forgiveness is not only divine, it will set YOU free from the painful grips of the past.

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Clean up your own romantic backyard instead of projecting blame on a mate or looking for the Holy Grail of lovers. Watch for rifts in your social circle when Venus backs into your friendship house October 31 to November Reduce your time on dating apps while Venus retrogrades through this technology-driven sector.

Maybe go mingle and meet people in the flesh instead? On a positive note, this could be a great time to reunite with cherished old friends. A team could lose steam as Venus backspins through your group sector until April 3. Experimenting with an open relationship or online dating could also go awry, so tread and swipe lightly. Be careful about mixing business and pleasure! An attraction to someone significantly older or younger than you could pull you into difficult dynamics. With Venus retrograde in your paternal zone, resolve childhood dynamics before they taint your current relationship.

An office romance is ill-advised now.

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PISCES The world is usually your romantic oyster, but you may feel totally out of sync with new people until October 31, while Venus retrogrades through your ninth house of expansion, risk-taking and cross-cultural connections. Committed Pisces could feel claustrophobic now.

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After October 31, a sexy ex-lover could resurface, tempting you into a taboo tryst. Feeling frumpy? Reconnect with your sensuality think: massage, dancing, an undies-drawer revamp. Do the inner work to feel attractive again, instead of getting mixed up with a player. Get the Horoscope Guide! Since retrogrades rule the past, ex-lovers and old issues can resurface during this six-week cycle. The Zodiac Sign Cards represent the energetic charge or emotion that is coloring the specific issue the querent has focused on. The House Cards represents the area of the querent's life family, personal, career, spiritual life, etc.

The twelve indigo cards in the deck are The Planets. On each card is beautiful imagery, a brief textual definition, and a depiction of the symbols astrologers use to represent the planets when charting astrology maps. There are twelve violet-colored cards representing each of twelve zodiac signs. On the face-side of the cards is the name and symbol for the sign, a depiction of the constellation, brief textual meaning, and unique artwork.

There are twelve green colored House Cards. In astrology each house represents a specific area of your life. For example the fourth house rules your home and family life, the tenth house rules your achievements and how the outer world views you, the sixth house rules your health and overall well-being, etc. House rulerships do overlap with one another somewhat but here are the basics:.

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To do a reading you will first separate the three smaller decks by color. Fan each set of twelve cards face down onto a table or floor to draw from.

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Mentally focus on a question. Next, draw one card from each of the three fanned decks. Peruse these three cards to decipher an answer to your question. Each card gives you a brief meaning, but for a more in-depth understanding, turn to the book.


Each card has a full page dedicated to explaining the card's meaning. Suggested pathways are also given for you to explore. Virgo Zodiac Sign Card querent's personality trait being explored indicates responsible and diligent attributes. Neptune Planet Card energy or influence indicates a desire for dreams to be unfurled, yet the morning fog has yet to be lifted and currently shadows what awaits off in the distance.

It appears the querent needs a reprieve or is not yet prepared for any leap into the next stage. The Ninth House Card area of life affected suggests higher learning or a spiritual retreat to satisfy the hunger for purpose or understanding. It also comes with a lesson or reminder about the importance of being authentic and genuine in personal pursuits.